National Mortgage Scheme (NMS)

The National Mortgage Scheme (NMS) was established in 2018 to develop standardised mortgage schemes that are "white-labelled" by banks and SDIs for sale to the public. The Scheme partnered with three participating banks namely GCB Bank Plc., Republic Bank Ghana Plc. and Stanbic Bank Ghana ltd, to pilot a solution that addressed the challenges of homeownership in Ghana. 

The NMS is structured around the blended finance concept, where NHF provides concessional funding at 2%. This is matched equally with commercial financing by the participating banks contributing at market rate (T+3%), resulting in a lower blended rate, below market. The funds are used to finance construction and to underwrite mortgages for qualified applicants in Ghana's public and private sector. NHF charges a 2% interest rate to cover the operational cost of the Fund. Participating banks can appoint subsidiaries or independent entities to manage the Schemes.  

In addition to lower mortgage rates achieved through the blended finance concept, the scheme also has a flexible underwriting criterion, which provides a loan-to-value of 100%, a loan tenor of 20 years and the possibility of a join application.

How to apply under the NMS

  • Enquire from your bank if it is a partner under the scheme.
  • Visit your bank and apply for a mortgage. 

National Homeownership Fund

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