As part of the financial sector policy initiatives stated in the 2018 Budget Statement and Economic Policy, Government approved the National Mortgage and Housing Finance Initiative (NMHFI) to address demand-side challenges in the housing market in Gh

To promote homeownership through the development of mortgage finance and alternative products that meet the needs of stakeholders....

The National Homeownership Fund works with private sector (banks) to make homeownership accessible to Ghanaians by way of affordable, cedi denominated

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About The National Homeownership Fund

National Homeownership Fund

To operationalize this 2018 Budget Statement and Economic policy, the Ministry of Finance established the National Homeownership Fund, NHF (formerly, National Housing and Mortgage Fund, NHMF). The Fund between 2018 and 2020 piloted two schemes

  • National Mortgage Scheme

    The National Mortgage Scheme (NMS) was set up in ...

  • Rent-to-Own Scheme

    The Rent-to-Own Scheme was established in 2018 with ...

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why partner with us

Few reasons why you should partner

  • Environmentally Responsible Institution

    NHF projects are undergoing the EDGE Certification project to green certify all portfolio projects.

  • Robust Marketing Strategy

    The in-house team support PFIs with a robust marketing strategy to attract targeted customers.

  • National Mortgage Demand Database

    NHF gathers national housing data through the survey portal. PFIs would have exclusive access to the insights to promote data-driven decision making.

  • Counterpart Funding at Concessionary Rates

    NHF collaborates with PFIs using the blended finance concept to attain affordable mortgage rates for Ghanaians.

Highlights Of Our Pilot Projects

  • We’ve expert & certified staff

  • Mortgages at 12%p.a. under pilot project

  • We provide quality advisory services

  • We created access to quality affordable homes

  • We created over 1500 direct and indirect jobs

  • Over 300 mortgages underwritten by PFIs

National Homeownership Fund

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